About Us

Texas Real Estate Investors – Legislative Advocacy Group was formed to provide Legislative Advocacy (lobbyist-based) for Texas-based real estate investor associations (REIAs), independent investors, vendors and service providers that support real estate investing in Texas. This association will employee a lobbyist on permanent retainer and pro-actively lobby to protect from business damaging legislation and lobby for changes to existing legislation that limits business opportunities.

Please join us in the fight to support independent real estate investing in Texas but supporting us at one of our events or the current fundraising efforts.


We were able to temporarily defeat some very ANTI-real estate investor bills this legislative session. However, the celebration was short lived because this past legislative session brought to light that we will have to continue to fight to maintain the livelihood of independent Texas real estate investors, vendors and service providers to our industry.

There will continue to be proposed legislation from banks and other entities that threaten our businesses. We will also lobby to undue past legislation that already hurt us such as anti lease option laws.

It is for this purpose we’ve decided to form a 501C non-profit organization and regroup our fund raising efforts. All events will be postponed for the time being so that we can fully organize as an effective state-wide organization.

Our mission will be the same and our efforts will be focused on lobbying on behalf of independent Texas real estate investors, vendors and service providers for our industry.